City of Chula Vista EV fleet

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles Helps City of Chula Vista Save Money

Since incorporating electric vehicles (EV) into its municipal fleet last year, the City of Chula Vista has seen significant cost savings, according to a recent news release issued by the city. Chula Vista has seen annual fuel costs decrease by 75%, maintenance and repair cost per mile decrease by 80%, and down time hours decrease by 84% after acquiring them in 2018.

Electric vehicles generally cost less to maintain, as their engines have fewer moving parts, and drivers can save on fuel costs by programming their cars to charge during the lowest cost hours.

Chula Vista initially started with 15 EVs and rapidly expanded to 36. The city plans to acquire eight more by 2020.  

SDG&E Partnership with Chula Vista
Through our Power Your Drive program, SDG&E installed 123 chargers at Chula Vista’s City Hall, Public Works Department and Police Department to serve the city’s fleet vehicles, as well as employees. 

In May, the American Public Works Association (APWA) recognized the EV charging project as “Project of the Year.”

Clean Transportation = More Sustainable Future
In the San Diego region, transportation accounts for about half of the greenhouse gas emissions. To help reduce carbon emission and air pollution, a growing number of cities and people are making the switch to electric drive, which is both environmentally friendly and potentially more cost effective.

SDG&E and Chula Vista – the region’s second largest city – share a deep commitment to environmental sustainability in all its different facets, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation. Around 45% of the energy SDG&E delivers to our customers comes from renewable sources, such as solar and wind sources, compared to the national average of around 10 percent.

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