#STEMStories: SDG&E Inspiring Future Leaders Every Day

Imagine a world without the inquisitive minds of Einstein, Franklin, Newton and Hawking – great minds who inspired innovation and made discoveries that impact our world today. In order to create a better tomorrow it’s essential that we create a future full of the next great scientist, mathematician, engineer and inventor. This is the power of STEM education – programs focused on bringing science, technology, engineering and math to the future leaders of our nation.

At SDG&E, we believe supporting STEM education is a powerful tool in empowering youth, especially in underserved communities, to cultivate an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Our Inspiring Future Leaders giving initiative supports organizations in San Diego and Orange counties with programs aimed at developing the next generation of diverse, skilled workforce. Our hope is that we can build a strong interest in STEM at an early age and inspire our children to innovate and pursue careers in these fields so that they may someday lead the company.

Charging up the STEM Ecosystem

The STEM Ecosystem is a collaborative effort in the community to build effective STEM learning opportunities for all youth.  San Diego is well-known for its STEM-rich community and at SDG&E, we are committed to continuing to drive this effort.

Just like our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint in the region by installing electric vehicle charging stations throughout our communities, our Inspiring Future Leaders initiative will support STEM learning like charging stations – available all day at different locations – where students can plug in and power up to take an active role in learning.

Our goal is to help build a STEM pipeline of “charging stations” to forge formal and informal learning experiences for students not just during the week, but also on weekends and summers so they can charge up anytime, anywhere. By supporting afterschool and summer programs, science centers, museums and non-profit organizations that focus on STEM, we can continue to inspire our future leaders and broaden STEM-educated talent in the region.

Watch this inspiring video by one of our partners, the Fleet Science Center, to see how the next generation of dreamers will power our future.