Natural Gas Utility Workers Day

Recognizing Crews’ 24/7 Dedication to Safety on Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day

Ensuring our communities have a safe and reliable source of natural gas to warm our homes, cook our food and heat our water is not a 9-to-5 job. It takes highly-skilled people working around-the-clock to pull this off.

With today being Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day, we are putting the spotlight on these employees. These dedicated men and women at SD&GE respond to emergencies, such as gas leaks and line breaks, all hours of the day, to protect the integrity of our natural gas system.

Our regional system consists of 8,200 miles of natural gas distribution and transmission lines. Approximately 880,000 homes and businesses in San Diego County count on natural gas as a safe, reliable and affordable source of energy.

Ready to Respond at a Moment’s Notice

Our goal is to identify and repair all gas leaks immediately. In addition to following stringent safety standards and conducting regular inspections of gas lines, we have a robust emergency response system in place to dispatch crews quickly to the scene of natural gas leaks and repair the damage.

Our service, maintenance and emergency crews undergo rigorous technical training and testing, and they are supported by dedicated dispatchers who call upon them to respond day or night. As part of our commitment to public safety, gas crews are staged throughout our service territory to respond to natural gas emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They employ the latest technology, including gas emergency response vehicles outfitted with all the necessary equipment for a two-person crew to stop gas leaks. Working with them and alongside them are our experienced locate and mark, traffic control, street repair, maintenance and system protection teams who will stay on the job until it’s done.

Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day is Celebrated Nationwide

Every year, utilities across the nation to mark this day to raise public awareness of the role gas workers play in delivering a clean and affordable energy source to power our homes, businesses, restaurants, schools, and hospitals and to drive fleets of clean buses and trucks.

If you happen to see an SDG&E natural gas crew working in the field, rest assured that they are highly trained and skilled to do the work they do to ensure safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to power your life.