Trending Questions from our Customers

What is this high usage charge on my bill? 

With prolonged periods of hot weather, we are seeing an increase in customers hitting the state-mandated High Usage Charge, which went into effect in November of last year.  This charge will apply to residential customers when they use four times more energy than the average amount needed to run a household. This average amount of energy is also known as the baseline allowance, which can vary by climate zone and season.

To find out which rate you are on and how to reduce your bill, log into My Account to see your pricing plan and other optional rates.

I need more time to pay my bill.  Can you help me?

We understand paying your bills can sometimes be difficult.  We are committed to helping customers work out payment plans in order to keep the power flowing. You can simply log into My Account and click on Bills and Payments.  We may have options to help you there.

I am moving, how do I transfer my services?

To help you get settled into your new home quickly, you can easily start, stop and transfer services by visiting this webpage.