Shaping the Future: Empowering Drivers to go Electric

Shaping the Future: Empowering Drivers to go Electric

A future filled with promise for all depends on what all of us do today. At SDG&E, we are doing our part to shape a sustainable future through a host of initiatives aimed at addressing climate change and developing the means necessary to bring our long-term goals to fruition.

In a state dealing with exceedingly high temperatures and concerning weather patterns, we are fully committed to addressing these issues head on. And, as a forward-looking company in the pioneering state of California, we are closely aligned with our state’s bold climate and environmental agenda.

In our 2020 SDG&E Sustainability Report released yesterday, we highlight future measures that extend through the next 15 to 25 years.

Reimagining Transportation

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, motor vehicles produce roughly 75% of carbon monoxide emissions. In urban areas, harmful automotive emissions are responsible for anywhere between 50% to 90% of air pollution.

To reduce emissions, we’ve installed more than 3,000 electric vehicle chargers at over 250 locations, including apartments, condominium complexes and offices. And we are expanding our programs to include charging for both light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles — all to encourage the adoption of more electric vehicles, which will vastly reduce GHGs.

Starting in 2020, we aim to:

  • Support California's goal to transition to zero-emission vehicles by accelerating our strategic collaboration of key stakeholders to deliver an ambitious region-wide clean transportation infrastructure goal, address air pollution and solidify the region's leadership on the global transportation map.**
  • We will continue to shape constructive policies and legislation to ensure customer adoption and facilitate an equitable transition.

Grid Modernization & Breakthrough Solutions

Our goal is to innovate the power grid to accelerate decarbonization and deliver value to all customers. We recognize the need to adapt our systems to further facilitate zero-carbon energy productions, storage and use. To further accomplish this, we believe in taking a holistic view of grid modernization -- breaking down traditional grid-management barriers and transforming passive customers into active prosumers.

While we have always championed clean energy and sustainable efforts, our recent report organizes these collective endeavors into concrete, actionable goals. To learn more about these aspirational criteria, please visit

**These stakeholders include local jurisdictions, regional agencies, utilities and other key stakeholders.