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Safety Culture at SDG&E Receives High Score

We aspire to be the safest energy company in America – and nothing less. To ensure that we are continuously strengthening our safety culture, our employees are surveyed every two years to solicit their candid feedback.


SDG&E earned a score of 91 out of a possible 100 overall on the most recent Safety Barometer Survey provided by

by the National Safety Council (NSC), an independent nonprofit organization that has advocated for employee and public safety for over 100 years.  


That put us in the top 10% of 580 participating companies in the survey database. Our overall score increased by 6 points compared to when the survey was last administered in 2016.


More than 2,900 of our employees (about three quarters of our workforce) participated in the Safety Barometer Survey conducted last August and shared their views on safety in six critical areas: Management Participation, Supervisor Participation, Employee Participation, Safety Support Activities, Safety Support Climate, and Organizational Climate.


How We Stack Up  

Comparing 2018 results to the 2016 survey, we improved our score in five of the six program categories. In addition, from 2016 to 2018, increases in scores were achieved for 43 of the 50 standard components of the survey. According to the National Safety Council, SDG&E performed well in all six critical areas measured in the survey.


Here are some highlights:


Top 8 percent in Management Participation.  Management Participation items describe ways in which top and middle management demonstrate their leadership and commitment to safety in the form of words, actions, organizational strategy, and personal engagement with safety.


Top 9 percent in Supervisor Participation. Supervisor Participation items consider six primary roles through which supervisors communicate their personal support for safety: leader, manager, controller, training, organizational representative, and personal engagement with safety.


Top 10 percent in Safety Support Climate. Safety Support Climate items asked employees across an organization for general beliefs, impressions, and observations about management’s commitment and underlying values with regards to safety.


We are already using the results of the 2018 survey to develop action plans to further strengthen our safety program and culture.