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New Scam Targeting Customers for Meter Replacements

A new type of scam has emerged where our customers are threatened with electric service disconnection if they don’t promptly pay for an electric meter upgrade.

One of our customers was contacted recently via email by a scammer impersonating an SDG&E representative from the billing department. The scammer asked the customer to pay nearly $400 to replace her meter, or else her service would be suspended. The email goes on to threaten the customer with legal action and additional fees if the customer does not allow access to remove the meter.

For your reference, here is a copy of the email:

Scam email

What to Know

The important thing for our customers to know is that SDG&E will not charge them to come out and replace a smart electric meter. The exception to this is when customers opt-out of having a smart meter and ask for an analog model instead. The cost for the opt-out is a one-time meter change fee of $75 and an additional $10 monthly charge, over a three-year period.

SDG&E proactively tracks and maintains 1.45 million electric meters throughout our service area in San Diego County and southern Orange County. If we need to replace a malfunctioning meter, our technicians will knock on the door before changing it.

If our customers have any questions or concerns about emails or phone calls they receive from people claiming to be with SDG&E, they can always reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-411-7343 to verify the information. We also encourage customers to file a police report in cases where they suspect fraud.

Stay Safe from Scammers

Unfortunately, utility scams are a nationwide problem. This year, SDG&E has so far received reports of more than 13,600 scam calls targeting our customers. For tips on how to spot utility scams, visit