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Meet Cory Mitsui: The Engineer in Charge of Keeping the Power Flowing

The challenges that Cory Mitsui faces as the electric reliability manager at SDG&E may be different every day, but his goal never wavers: keep the power flowing to our customers.

Cory and his team were recently honored by PA Consulting with the “Outstanding Technology and Innovation Award.” At the same awards ceremony, SDG&E also received the 2018 National Reliability Award, and the Best in the West award, for superior performance among utilities in providing reliable electric service to customers. What captured PA’s attention, and garnered SDG&E the technology award for the second year was our work in the following areas:

  • Integration of big data metrics into our programs
  • Rollout of mobile tools to efficiently manage and record field work
  • Wildfire weather prediction/forecast
  • Automate fault finding (i.e., identifying problem areas that cause outages) through multiple programs
  • Advanced telecommunications network that supports remote sensors and other devices
  • Self-healing electric circuits

The recognition means a lot to Cory. “We want to be the most reliable energy company in the country,” he said. “It is truly a team effort, and I am blessed to work with such a talented group of professionals.”

Back to Business

With the awards ceremony behind him, Cory is back to the business of leading the charge to implement cohesive strategies to improve business efficiencies and upgrade infrastructure. “We use available data to determine what is and what could be a potential cause for power outages, and what improvements we can proactively make to our different systems,” he said.

Cory’s team also manages new projects to enhance reliability. For example, when one of our regional district offices approached Cory’s team about the challenges of maintaining service to a Native American facility during extreme weather conditions, the team designed a switch that could be used to remotely isolate dangerous conditions. The switch was used to keep the facility energized during this November’s Santa Ana wind events, while also maintaining safety.

Part of the SDG&E Family for 13 Years

Cory first learned about SDG&E while a member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Our company’s recruiting program hosted a trip for students to visit utility infrastructure in San Diego and meet with our professionals.

The rest is history. He’s been with SDG&E for 13 years. “Our company culture sets us apart in countless ways,” he said. “For starters, we value diverse ideas and contributions from all team members, which makes us stronger and more innovative. Plus, our team members take ownership and accountability for the success of our projects.”

Football and Giving Back

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Cory is a diehard fan of football - fantasy and real. After the Chargers left San Diego, he became a Rams fan. Aside from football, he enjoys serving on the local board of directors of the San Diego Japanese American Citizens League, America’s oldest Asian American civil rights organization.