Let Your Love Soar this Valentine’s Day—Not a Mylar Balloon

Let Your Love Soar this Valentine’s Day—Not a Mylar Balloon

With Valentine’s Day just hours away, you may pick up a metallic Mylar balloon to top off your gift. At SDG&E, we want to remind you these floating mementos can also pose a hazard to our electric system and could power down your celebration if not handled properly.

When left untethered, these shiny balloons can float into power lines, where their metallic coating—or Mylar—can melt and become tangled, resulting in unexpected outages. Mylar has high electrical conductivity, so when it comes in contact with a live power line, it can even spark a fire.

Don’t Let a Balloon Cause Heartbreak

To make sure your Valentine’s plans aren’t spoiled by a balloon-caused power outage, follow these simple steps:

  • Keep Mylar balloons indoors
  • If you have Mylar balloons outdoors, make sure they are attached to a weight or securely tied down
  • When disposing of Mylar balloons, be sure to puncture it several times—partially inflated Mylar balloons can easily become airborne
  • If you see a Mylar balloon—or any object—entangled in an overhead power line, do not try to remove it yourself. Immediately call 911 or SDG&E at 800-411-7343 to report the situation

For more safety tips, visit SDGE.com/safety.