Keeping Communities Safe when Storms Roll Through

Keeping Communities Safe when Storms Roll Through

While the current storms are expected to be mild, we’d like to keep storm safety fresh in our customers’ minds. Knowing how to prepare for and stay safe during a storm is always important. 

This recent video provides storm safety tips that we encourage everyone to follow:


Don’t Touch Downed Power Lines

It’s important to remember that saturated soil and gusty winds can cause trees to topple and branches to blow into power lines causing major safety hazards. We cannot stress enough that if you witness a tree or branch in a power line, do not try to remove it yourself, instead: 

  • Stay clear and do not touch the line or any other equipment
  • Call 911 and SDG&E at (800) 411-SDGE (7343) to report the incident
  • Always assume that power lines are energized

Secure Loose Items

Another common cause of power outages during storms is flying debris, including items like patio furniture, umbrellas and garbage bins. Customers can help prevent these outages by securing all outdoor items in their yards, near their pools and on their balconies. If there is no safe place to store garbage bins, simply fill them with water or sandbags to weigh them down.

Drive Safe

Safe driving on wet roads should also be a top priority. When roads are coated with rainwater, drivers need more time and cars need more distance to stop, so be extra cautious and slow down. During rainy conditions, the number of cars hitting transformers or power poles increases.   


SDG&E’s top priority is the safety of our community and employees, so we encourage everyone to use extra caution when driving near SDG&E crews at work.

For additional storm safety tips, visit For the latest rain, wind and temperature forecast by community, visit You can also check our online outage map or mobile app for the latest outage information.