U-T Journalism Scholars

Journalism Scholars Bring Attention to STEM Careers and Role Models

Neuroscientist sees video games as a tool to help youth with autism. Researcher leads students at water sustainability lab. Professor makes mathematics accessible, inclusive.

These are the headlines of some of the stories written by the San Diego Union-Tribune’s 2018 Community Journalism Scholars. Through a partnership between the San Diego Union-Tribune and our company, each year a group of local high school students gain hands-on experience writing and editing stories, and producing videos in the U-T newsroom.

Their work is published in the newspaper and online. Check out these stories and get inspired!

More Information

We have partnered with the San Diego Union-Tribune on the Community Journalism Scholars Program since 2012. The program is designed with a special focus on students from undeserved communities who have a strong interest in journalism or civic leadership. Applicants from disadvantaged schools, and from families where they would be the first to attend a four-year college, were given special consideration. Learn more here.