Got Leaking Gas Valves? We May Be Able to Help!

Got Leaking Gas Valves? We May Be Able to Help!

When our field technicians go out to homes to investigate gas leaks, check appliances, and respond to other routine service calls, the most common problem they come across is old, leaking or improperly installed valves and connectors.

In many cases in the past, our technicians had to turn off gas to the appliance and potentially the entire house for safety reasons, pending repairs by the homeowner. This posed a significant inconvenience for residents, as not only did they lose gas service (for heating and cooking, etc.), they must find a qualified plumber to fix the unsafe condition. After the repair was made, it could require another visit by one of our technicians to restore service.

Realizing how much a hassle this kind of situation is for our customers, we have established an innovative Field Parts Replacement Program, whereby our field technicians can perform repairs on the spot at a price that is competitive with what it would cost to hire a plumber to do the work.

Starting Small and Expanding

The Parts Replacement Program started as a small pilot program in our Beach Cities district in April 2016 with five field technicians. Over the past year and a half, it has been steadily expanded to include all five SDG&E service districts.

With the roll-out of a new Line Item Billing solution in September 2017, customers can now pay for the repair service on their regular SDG&E bills. Technicians come equipped with mobile devices that allow them to provide a quote on the spot and automate the billing for the repair for an added convenience to the customer.

Driven by Customer Satisfaction 
The Parts Replacement Program is borne out of our company’s commitment to continually improve customer satisfaction by providing residents a one-stop shop to meet their utility needs, and to quickly address any potential customer safety issues on the spot.

During the pilot phase of the Parts Replacement Program, we surveyed customers to get their feedback, and 91 percent of the customers said the program was an “Excellent Experience.”

To Learn More

If you would like to schedule an appliance check or make other service requests, please visit this web page to make an appointment. If you have a pending service request, you can also visit this page to track the status of your request.