Additional Monitoring Stations in Backcountry Provide Hyper-Local Data on Weather/Fire Conditions

Our inland communities in the eastern and northeastern portions of our county face some of th

Phantom Energy

Slay the “Energy Vampires and Phantoms” Haunting Your House

As you gear up to ward off zombies,

Arbor Day At Casitas Center

Vista 4th Graders Celebrate Arbor Day with SDG&E

New trees have been planted in John Landes Park located next door to Casita Center in Vista, as pa

Susan Burchardt

Susan Burchardt: Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Nordstrom, Walmart, Starbucks, Westfield and Amazon – these are some of the customers that SD

SDG&E Letter to City of San Diego

Editor’s Note: SDG&E sent the letter below to Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development & Sustainability at the City of San Diego, on