Meet Garrett Spahr, Gas Service Technician

Have you ever smelled what you thought may be gas in your home? If your first inclination was to call SDG&E, you were right. At SDG&E, we have a specialized team of gas service technicians who work around the clock performing natural gas leak inspections and carbon monoxide checks to ensure our customers’ homes and businesses are safe.

SDG&E gas service technician Garrett Spahr has been making daily natural gas safety calls for seven years. From carbon monoxide checks to gas leak investigations and inspections on appliances like stoves, ovens, fireplaces, furnaces and even backyard barbecue stations, Spahr knows his way around appliance safety.

“The most important thing when we enter a property is the safety of the customer, safety of the technician and safety of the surrounding neighborhood,” said Spahr. “For carbon monoxide investigations, the first thing we do is check the home to make sure we’re operating in a safe environment. We go from room to room measuring carbon monoxide levels and will evacuate customers if necessary. Our first priority is always safety.”

For gas leak inspections, Spahr and other service technicians conduct a detailed examination of the customer’s appliances and gas piping system to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is running smoothly. These safety checks are conducted in homes as well as large and small businesses including restaurants, hotels and large industrial operations like power plants. SDG&E’s fleet of service technicians are prepared to handle a variety of calls and locations.

To ensure service technicians like Spahr are equipped, they complete 12 weeks of intensive natural gas safety training before they are sent out in the field. Each technician may handle up to 10-15 different calls every day, making it essential they are trained and know how to make safety the priority.

Watch this short video to get a glimpse into Spahr’s day as a gas technician. Or click here to learn more about natural gas safety in your home and business.