How San Diego Prepares for Fire Season

With the threat of a severe fire season looming, now is the time to make sure household disaster plans are updated or created, so you are fully prepared for the region’s next emergency.

At SDG&E, we’re continuously modernizing our infrastructure to make sure our customers’ homes and businesses are safe. And we’re adding resources to the region’s preparedness toolkit.

In comments captured in a recent article from the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Fire Rescue-Department Chief, Brian Fennessy, said thick brush from heavy rains last winter have created dangerous fire conditions and urged residents to prepare by creating a household disaster plan.

Chief Fennessy called attention to numerous resources and programs put in place throughout the region to ensure San Diego is prepared for the next wildfire before it strikes. One resource highlighted by Chief Fennessy is SDG&E’s helitanker, the Erickson Aircrane. The Air Crane—which has already been dispatched to assist with firefighting efforts five times this year—can be airborne in just 15 minutes and is capable of dropping 2,650 gallons of water or fire suppressant to help knock down fast-moving flames.

Read the full article from the San Diego Union-Tribune here. For more information on how you can become better prepared and to learn about SDG&E’s commitment to fire preparedness, visit