A Commitment to a Zero Accident Culture

At SDG&E, safety is our highest priority, the foundation of our company. It influences every action we take and decision we make as we provide reliable energy to our customers.

To reinforce these principles and find ways to improve, we host an annual Safety Congress to provide a forum for employees to share information and ideas through networking and workshops.

Earlier this week, more than 400 employees from every division of the company took part in this year’s Safety Congress. The focus of this year’s Safety Congress—now in its 16th year—was creating a zero-accident culture.

Individuals and teams who stood out for their exemplary commitment to safety culture and strong leadership were recognized with awards. Among those receiving special recognition was a crew that went an impressive 76 months—more than six years!—without any incidents. Construction and operation crews who have achieved zero incidents to date this year were also recognized at this year’s Safety Congress.

Always finding room to improve

The accomplishments of these crews are significant, but we won’t be satisfied until we have zero accidents companywide. We are meeting this challenge head-on by creating a zero-accident culture. At SDG&E, we never compromise on safety and we encourage our workforce to be accountable and take actions that will help to create an incident-free workplace.

Central to achieving this vision is our dedication to providing our employees with safety training that aligns with our company’s overall culture of safety. Some of the procedures we have developed include programs like “Stop the Job,” where SDG&E employees—regardless of title or position—are given the authority to stop a job at any time if they spot a hazard.

The daily contributions our employees make throughout the company bring us one step closer to being the safest energy company in America.