Splash into Pool Savings!

Jul 12, 2017

With average temperatures already trending higher than normal this summer, many of us will likely be splashing in...Read more

#10WeeksofSummer: Behind the Forecast, SDG&E’s Weather Team

Jul 11, 2017

From wildfire threats to fierce winds and heavy rainstorms, weather can have the greatest impact on energy operations. At SDG&E, our goal is to deliver the cleanest, safest and most reliable energy to our customers...Read more

Dreaming Big: Zero Net Energy Schools

Jul 6, 2017

Did you know that across the U.S., K-12 schools are spending billions of dollars annually on energy....Read more

Pilot Project Aims to Turn Electric Vehicles into Virtual Power...

Jul 5, 2017

At SDG&E, we are continuing to lead the way with clean innovations that are helping reduce our carbon footprint...Read more

Manufacturing Energy Efficiency: CP Kelco

Jun 30, 2017

CP Kelco may not be a household name in San Diego, but it’s very likely that in your daily life...Read more

EEI-IEI Report Forecasts 7 Million Plug-in Electric Vehicles...

Jun 28, 2017

A new report projects more than 7 million plug-in EVs will be on U.S. roads by 2025...Read more

Employee Invention Makes Safety Tests Portable

Jun 27, 2017

When the only thing between you and up to 12 kilovolts of electricity is a pair of rubber gloves...Read more

A Day in the Life: Community Relations Manager Nhu Tran

Jun 23, 2017

You don’t have to be a Buffett or a Gates to make a difference. For some people, like SDG&E Community Relations...Read more

Energy Conservation Efforts Continue on Second Day of Flex Alert

Jun 21, 2017

As a result of rising temperatures, the California Independent System Operator’s (ISO) statewide Flex Alert....Read more

SDG&E Encouraging Customers to Save Energy as Temperatures...

Jun 20, 2017

As temperatures continue to rise, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) has issued...Read more

Smart Cities: It’s Not Science Fiction

Jun 19, 2017

In our daily lives, we encounter many devices that have the word “smart” in front of them—smart phone...Read more

SDG&E in Top 10 on Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Jun 16, 2017

As part of our efforts to become the cleanest, safest, most reliable energy company in America...Read more

Energy Storage North America Announces 2017 Innovation Award...

Jun 14, 2017

ESNA today announced the finalists for its 2017 Innovation Awards. The awards recognize projects...Read more

Saving Energy to Serve More People in Need: The San Diego Food...

Jun 13, 2017

It’s no small feat to provide food to 370,000 people per month – roughly the combined...Read more

Small Business Saves Big on Energy: Añejo Bar & Grill

Jun 5, 2017

Part of what makes San Diego a world-class place to live and visit is the variety of restaurants...Read more