Wings Up! Least Terns are Flying in Soon

California Least Terns are cruising up the Pacific Coast and will soon be making a stop in San Diego to nest. There’s only one problem, the endangered species need coastal areas free of vegetation and invasive plants to properly nest.

To clear the way, nearly 200 San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) employees and their families teamed up this past weekend with the San Diego Audubon Society to restore a critical nesting area in Mission Bay. Volunteers removed overgrown vegetation and non-native plants that inhibit the birds from nesting. The birds nest in the sand or shell fragments so removing the vegetation is a critical part of raising their young.

Restoring Habitat to Preserve an Endangered Species

California Least Terns were placed on the endangered species list in 1970 due to coastal development activities, habitat loss, nesting disturbance, pollution, and predation by domestic and wild animals. While their population has increased since 1970, they remain endangered. Restoring their nesting habitat along their migratory route helps preserve the species. This was the seventh consecutive year that SDG&E and the San Diego Audubon Society have joined forces to take action and create an environment suitable for least tern nesting.

If you’re heading to Mission Bay anytime soon, keep an eye out as you might see these special birds nestled in their habitat – cleared of invasive plants. 

The San Diego Audubon Society: An Environmental Champion

Through our annual Environmental Champions giving initiative, SDG&E is proud to support the San Diego Audubon Society and their program, Outdoor Explore! Learn more about the Environmental Champions initiative here.