Surf’s Up Against Climate Change

Surfers along the California coast are catching more than waves these days. The Surfrider Foundation’s Smartfin program is collecting data for research using a surfboard fin with sensors that measure the oceans chemical and physical properties.

Essentially, by riding waves, surfers are gathering critical ocean data that is helping researchers at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography evaluate the health of our ocean.

Increasing awareness and educating the public about climate change is a critical component of the Smartfin program. Warming temperatures are directly affecting the tides, surf breaks and coral reef breaks. By using the data through Smartfins, we can also help to promote outreach to protect our waters.

Citizen Scientists

One program we are proud to support through our annual Environmental Champions initiative is Surfing for Science, which trains Smartfin ambassadors to engage their communities about climate change and ocean health issues through a surfer’s perspective.  

A healthy planet starts with a healthy ocean and education and exposure are the building blocks for empowering change. Our hope is that by supporting local non-profit organizations committed to climate science education programs, we will help clean our air and water and build healthier communities.

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