Thank You to the Men and Women Who Walk Through Fire

Honoring the Dedication of Firefighters for International Firefighters Day

Imagine your typical day at work. Does it involve running into smoke-filled buildings, scaling charred hillsides and rescuing people from dangerous situations? Chances are good most of our average days are slightly less daring and dramatic, but for firefighters, bravery and sacrifice in the face of danger are a job requirement.

To commemorate fallen fire heroes and recognize the dedication of the men and women who put themselves on the front lines to protect our communities and save lives each day, May 4 is designated as International Firefighters Day.

Firefighters around the world will take an extra moment today to remember the sacrifice some of their colleagues have made in the line of duty. In San Diego—a region that regularly experiences high fire risk conditions—we are keenly aware of the important role firefighters play in the safety of our region.

At SDG&E, we are proud to work closely with local fire departments and agencies to help strengthen our region’s fire resiliency, preparedness and response. Whether we’re sharing data from our expansive and innovative weather network, contracting for regional firefighting tools, collaborating for training exercises, or coordinating during an actual emergency, our relationships with our local fire heroes are invaluable tools for improving San Diego’s fire safety.

How We Can All Do Our Part

As temperatures rise and peak fire season makes its way back to Southern California, we can help lessen the chance of a catastrophic incident in or near our homes or businesses by proactively taking action. Simple steps like maintaining defensible space around your home, installing smoke alarms and creating an escape plan can help to keep our first responders safe during emergencies.

You can get more information on fire preparedness and tips to make sure your home and work are as fire safe as possible from our partner, CAL FIRE, through their Ready for Wildfire app.

If you see a firefighter today, be sure to take the opportunity to say “thank you” for their dedication, bravery and the sacrifice they make each day to keep our communities safe.