24 Hours to Support #ShelterOfHope

Imagine being forced out of your home with nothing but the clothes on your back because of a catastrophic event that you had no control over. The fact is, when disaster strikes, relief cannot wait. Families need shelter, food, water, first aid and emotional support. They need the services of the American Red Cross.   

This is why SDG&E is supporting the annual Shelter of Hope campaign, which brings awareness to the vital services the American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties provides to the community.  This year the goal is to raise $500,000 for local disaster relief.

SDG&E is playing a key role in this year’s efforts to raise awareness and raise funds towards fulfilling the Red Cross mission of alleviating suffering in the face of an emergency. SDG&E Senior Vice President of Electric Operations and American Red Cross San Diego Imperial Counties Chapter Board Chair Dave Geier will spend the first night in the Shelter of Hope.

“What drew me to the American Red Cross is how the organization’s mission aligns with SDG&E’s focus on safety,” said Geier. “When we’re out in the community talking about safety, the Red Cross is often next to us, helping to make sure families know what to do if disaster strikes. Their work can save lives.”

Why “Shelter of Hope?”

It may just look like a small box, but the mock shelter serves as a beacon of hope in the face of disaster and highlights the importance of the Red Cross’ role in our region – encouraging emergency preparedness, supporting resiliency in the face of disaster and carrying out response and recovery.

The fact is that it costs an average of $550 to help one family of three recover from a disaster. The American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties has already assisted nearly 400 families in almost 250 disasters over the past 10 months. These efforts couldn’t happen without the generosity of the community.

Shelter of Hope was developed in San Diego as a way to draw awareness and raise funds toward fulfilling the Red Cross mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies – from wildfires to home fires and so much more. 

Get involved

Follow SDG&E on Twitter @SDGE for behind-the-scenes updates and use #ShelterOfHope to join the conversation online. Be sure to also follow @SDICRedCross and find more updates via the chapter’s Facebook page.

More information on Shelter of Hope is available at redcross.org/shelterofhope and online donations can be made at crowdrise.com/shelterofhope.