Rediscover SDG&E through Apple News, a direct source of information where you can find engaging content, photos and videos about the company, is now available on Apple News for iOS users. Apple News collects and disperses stories based on preference and source and is optimized for each individual user.

Apple users can register for through Apple News directly on their phone or other iOS device by searching SDG&E NewsCenter. While viewing the channel, tap Subscribe Now and enter your preferred subscription period. If prompted, type in your Apple ID and password and confirm your subscription. On the Subscribe Now screen, tap your preferred subscription period. All subscriptions are auto-renewing.

Why subscribe to SDG&E News

The SDG&E NewsCenter is a hub of information about that helps you get to know why your energy company is working to become America’s cleanest, safest, most reliable energy company. You’ll find articles ranging from tips to save on your energy bill to how SDG&E is working to clean the air we breathe so that we can all live a better tomorrow.

Don’t have an iPhone?

You can also subscribe to via your favorite RSS reader.