Eco Ambassadors 2017: Protecting San Diego’s Watershed

From beaches and bays, to creeks and rivers, important waterways define the San Diego region.

While the beauty of our region’s coastlines and watersheds is obvious, it’s not always as apparent how much work goes into protecting and preserving these vital resources.

Behind the scenes, local non-profit organizations staffed by armies of volunteers are the truest champions of San Diego’s water resources—and they expect no acclaim, praise or kudos in return—just clean water.

At SDG&E, we want to show our admiration for some of these organizations. Through our partnership with CBS Earth 8 and the San Diego River Park Foundation—Eco Ambassadors—we’re able to recognize and applaud these dedicated groups.

Meet the Water Champions

Eco Ambassadors 2017 shines the spotlight on six environmental organizations that make it their mission to protect San Diego’s waters, so the region’s natural landscape can be enjoyed for generations to come. Not only will Eco Ambassadors help people learn about the groups protecting our local waterways, the organizations will be able to earn grants through a fun public contest.

From September 1 through September 19, our Eco Ambassadors are rallying their supporters to cast their votes every day to move their organization to the top spot to win a $20,000 grant from SDG&E! You can vote once a day on Earth 8’s Facebook page or at

Be sure to show your support every day from now until September 19 and tune into CBS 8 on September 20, when we’ll announce who the public chooses as 2017’s Eco Ambassador winner.

Click on each Eco Ambassadors finalist to watch a short video from CBS Earth 8 highlighting their meaningful work in San Diego:

While Eco Ambassadors has just one top winner, each of the remaining five organizations will receive smaller grants based on their final ranking in public voting. Be sure to vote to help your favorite non-profit earn as much as they can continue working to protect the resources that make San Diego home.