Dr. Bronner’s: Putting the Clean in Soap and Energy

May 21, 2018

Dr. Bronner’s was recently honored as an Energy Champion at our 13th annual Energy Showcase awards...Read more

Join Us at the Grand Avenue Festival in Escondido

May 18, 2018

SDG&E's clean transportation team was at the Grand Avenue Festival in Escondido to talk about electric vehicles...Read more

The Future of Clean Energy

May 14, 2018

The cover story in the May/June issue of Electric Perspectives, "The Future of Clean Energy," is written by our President Scott Drury...Read more

Help Mow Down Air Pollution by Trading In Your Gasoline-Powered Yard Tools

May 8, 2018

This Saturday morning at the SDCCU Stadium, you have the opportunity to trade in your gasoline-powered...Read more

New Electric Buses to Serve Local Transit Riders

May 4, 2018

Local public transit buses are going electric – which means zero emission and that will help reduce pollution...Read more

SDG&E Customers Can Save Up to $10,000 on Select Electric Vehicles

Apr 24, 2018

Two automakers are offering big savings to SDG&E customers who are in the market for new electric vehicles...Read more

Electric Buses Coming to North SD County

Apr 16, 2018

We applaud the North County Transit District's effort to switch to zero-emission, electric buses...Read more

Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant

Capturing Renewable Natural Gas from Wastewater

Apr 9, 2018

The Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant generates clean, renewable natural gas from its operations...Read more

Celebrating and Protecting Our Planet: Earth Month 2018

Apr 4, 2018

This April marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day. Join us at earth fairs throughout the month...Read more

LEEDING With Green Buildings

Apr 3, 2018

It’s easy to talk about the importance of making our homes and businesses more energy-efficient...Read more

Food Scraps to Soil and Educational Enrichment

Mar 29, 2018

Tons of food scraps end up in our local landfills each year when instead they could be put to better uses...Read more

Grant Program to Support Non-Profits And Improve the Environment

Mar 28, 2018

"Environmental Champions" grant program kicks off to support non-profits...Read more

City of Chula Vista Unveils Electric Vehicle Fleet and Charging Stations Installed by SDG&E

Mar 27, 2018

SDG&E Partners with the Region’s Second Largest City to Accelerate Clean Transportation...Read more

Another City Fleet Soon to Plug into Clean Air with Electric Vehicles

Mar 23, 2018

Cities across our region are taking steps to switch to electric vehicle (EV) fleets because EVs produce...Read more

Celebrating Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day

Mar 18, 2018

It takes a small army of highly trained workers to safely deliver natural gas...Read more