One Family's Story of Saving Money Through Energy Efficiency Improvements

When scorching temperatures hit the San Diego region  in August, the Huettinger family hardly felt the heat. They had recently completed a host of improvements to their Poway home under the Energy Upgrade California program managed locally by SDG&E. As a result, their 1,700-square-foot house was cool, comfortable and energy efficient.

Through the Energy Upgrade California Program, SDG&E provides assistance and incentives for home improvement projects that help customers save energy and save money on their bills. The program supports a comprehensive, whole-home approach, which includes upgrades and improvements to  heating, air-conditioning and water systems. 


We're highlighting this program in recognition of Energy Efficiency Day, proclaimed by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy to raise awareness that energy efficiency is “the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution.”

Through the Energy Upgrade California program, the Huettingers received approximately $2,500 in rebates to insulate their attic and replace their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. New ductworks were installed, and the whole HVAC system was reconfigured.

After the Huettingers signed up for the program, a third-party contractor came to their home and spent a few hours conducting measurements and tests to determine the baseline level of energy efficiency. After the improvements were completed, a new assessment was conducted to measure efficiency gains.

In the Huettingers’ case, the savings have been dramatic.

The rebate-eligible upgrades combined with other improvements—including a private solar installation and a heat pump, not covered under the rebates—helped bring their energy bill down from about $200 per month to about $10 per month!

Last year, SDG&E provided energy efficiency assistance and incentives to about 1,000 single-family homeowners under this program. Participants select from a pre-approved list of third-party contractors who have been screened by SDG&E.

Marketplace - A One Stop Shop

Anyone looking to upgrade their home with energy efficient products is encouraged to check out SDG&E’s Marketplace. With this online tool, customers can compare prices, energy savings, product features and popularity ratings for thousands of items. To get the best deal available, Marketplace users can create a personal profile to save their searches and enroll in email alerts calling out price changes and product updates. Some of the products featured on SDG&E Marketplace qualify for online rebates, and we have made the rebate application process easier than ever.

Since the inception of Marketplace in 2016, we have processed more than 15,000 energy efficiency rebates, returning more than $1 million to our customers. Next time you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, check out Energy Upgrade California and the SDG&E Marketplace to see what we have to offer.