No Las Vegas Trip Necessary—What’s Next in Smart Home Technology is Here

Smart shower, smart alarm clock, smart screen, smart door bell, smart lock, smart sprinkler control. The list of up and coming smart home devices being debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas goes on and on. The trend of connected home, where devices are wirelessly integrated, remotely accessible via a smart phone, and responsive to voice commands, is accelerating.

Imagine turning on your shower via your smart phone before you roll out of bed and be notified when the water temperature reaches your desired pre-set level. Your alarm clock could be your personal assistant, telling you what the traffic is like and suggesting when you need to wake up to make it on time to a meeting. Instead of actual keys and passwords, you could unlock your Bluetooth enabled devices with a smart key when you are within range.

If smart home technology sounds cool to you, know that you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in some distant future. It’s here now.

At SDG&E, we have a web portal called Marketplace where you can comparison shop for connected home devices and connected home mobile apps by price, by consumer ratings, by product features, and if relevant, by energy efficiency. This portal helps you find the best deal and tells you which retailer is offering it.

Smart Home Devices Can Help You Save Money

Do you know that besides being cool, smart home devices can help you save energy and money by giving you more control over when and how you use them?

There is no need to travel to Vegas to see it.  Just come check out the smart home technology on display at our Energy Innovation Center located in the Clairemont neighborhood in the City of San Diego. Inside the EIC, we have a smart home where you can experience for yourself the comfort and convenience of having a home where everything from lighting to the AC is wirelessly integrated with the Amazon Echo and can be controlled by voice. The Energy Innovation Center is open to the public five days a week. Learn more here.