Looking for the Best Local Deals on Electric Cars? There's an App for That!

If you are in the market for an electric car and dread the thought of spending your weekends researching the best deals in San Diego County, we can help. SDG&E collaborated with Electric Car Insider to launch a comprehensive pricing guide app showing discounts and incentives that specific electric vehicle dealerships are offering countywide.

Everything you need to know about the specs of a car, federal tax credits, state rebates, utility rebates, manufacturer pricing and discounts, dealer pricing and discounts, and HOV stickers are packaged conveniently into one app.

As a consumer you no longer have to scour through multiple websites to unearth information you need to make an informed decision about which EV to buy to fit your budget and lifestyle.

With this Electric Vehicle Discounts and Incentives Pricing Guide app, you can see the net price for any given EV model – after all the discounts and incentives are deducted. No more guess work! 

Furthermore, you can see the annual total operating cost and savings over time (at three, five and seven years) if you choose to buy an EV vs. a comparable internal combustion engine automobile. The total cost of ownership (TCO) figure you see in the app takes into account factors such as fuel cost, maintenance and loan payment.

For example, take the 2017 Ford Focus Electric (which retails at $29,170). After all the rebates, discounts and incentives, it is available for about $11,500 at one of the local dealerships. And over a seven-year period, you can save approximately $21,000 in total cost of ownership.

Another good deal is the 2017 Nissan LEAF, which is available at multiple local dealerships for about $8,810, after rebates and discounts. The projected total cost of ownership savings for this vehicle is roughly $13,500 over a seven-year period.

All-electric cars have fewer parts and require no oil changes, and therefore have lower maintenance costs. SDG&E also offers special electric rates for EV drivers.

Ready to try it? Visit electric-car-insider.com/SDEVdeals.

While improvements are still being made to the app, we want to release it to consumers so they can take advantage of a limited time $10,000 discount off 2017 electric vehicle models that Nissan and BMW is offering to SDG&E customers. The discount is good through Sept. 30, 2017, or until local dealerships run out of inventory.