Fall into Energy Savings with SDG&E and Amazon

Keep Early Nights Bright with Discounted LED Lights

As night falls earlier due to the end of daylight saving time, SDG&E is offering our customers a new way to brighten their home, save energy and save money.

SDG&E customers can now buy LED bulbs at deeply discounted prices via online retailer Amazon. SDG&E partnered with Amazon and lighting manufacturer FEIT to create a custom web page, amazon.com/sdgelighting, so our customers can receive instant rebates on eligible products.

Rebates for the bulbs are applied automatically at the checkout. No more hassle applying for rebates retroactively.

And the deals are great: You can get a two or three pack of LED light bulbs for less than $10 and have them delivered to your door step.

The lighting products offered on Amazon are only available to residents who live within SDG&E’s service area, which includes all of San Diego County and Southern Orange County. Amazon customers will be presented with lighting offers based on their Internet address.

The FEIT products featured in this initial rollout can help our customers cut their lighting costs substantially. The LED lights use 85 to 89 percent less energy than incandescent lights. The bulbs are dimmable and come in the 60 to 90 watt range.

Next time you log on to Amazon to order goods to be delivered to your home, check out amazon.com/sdgelighting. Hurry before supplies run out.