Another City Fleet Soon to Plug into Clean Air with Electric Vehicles

Cities across our region are taking steps to switch to electric vehicle (EV) fleets because EVs produce low or no tailpipe emissions and help cut greenhouse gas emissions. The latest city to join the transportation electrification movement is the City of Encinitas.

Earlier this month, the Encinitas City Council voted to phase out gas and diesel-fueled vehicles in its municipal fleet and replace them with EVs and other higher-efficiency, alternative-fuel models.

Through our Power Your Drive program, SDG&E will support Encinitas’ transition to a green fleet by providing 10 EV charging stations at the city’s public works yard. Power Your Drive brings chargers to a variety of workplaces and residential communities – ranging from city halls and offices to apartments and condo complexes.

We are currently working with 10 jurisdictions in our region to install chargers so they can electrify their fleet or enable more municipal employees to drive electric.

To see if your workplace, apartment or condo complex would qualify to be part of Power Your Drive, visit