Accelerating the Movement for Clean Air and Clean Transportation

Living in a region with sunny skies, most of us probably don’t think much about air pollution because there isn’t a visible haze. But much of the pollution – particularly the microscopic particles of pollution associated with transportation – is invisible to us.

The good news is there is a statewide movement underway to electrify transportation to reduce tailpipe emissions. Our region is part of that movement.

This week, we co-hosted a symposium called “Accelerating the Electric Car Movement Together” at our Energy Innovation Center. The symposium was led by Veloz, a newly-formed nonprofit whose mission is to encourage and inspire Californians from all walks of life to drive electric cars that produce zero or low emissions.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Winn, who serves on the Board of Directors of Veloz, welcomed attendees to the symposium. Winn has driven electric for years and is a passionate advocate for clean transportation.

Let’s Veloz together

Veloz means fast in Spanish – as in rapid acceleration of electric car awareness and adoption.

Veloz is working to launch a large-scale outreach and public awareness campaign to help meet Governor Brown’s executive order to have 5 million zero-emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2030. Our region’s share of that goal is 500,000. Currently, about 27,000 electric vehicles (EV) are on the road in SDG&E’s service territory, which spans both San Diego and South Orange counties.

How you can join the electric car movement?

If you are in the market for a new car, consider taking advantage of the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project to purchase a zero-emission vehicle. Between the state rebate and the federal tax credits available for purchasing and leasing electric vehicles, you can save thousands of dollars.

You can further save money on fuel costs by switching over to electric, as we offer special EV rates. Learn more about EVs here.