Pilot Project Aims to Turn Electric Vehicles into Virtual Power Plants

Editor's Note: At SDG&E, we are continuing to lead the way with clean innovations that are helping reduce our carbon footprint and build healthier communities. This includes partnering with groundbreaking companies who aim to advance smart and green technologies and help us forge the path to the future of electric transportation.

On June 28, Forbes published a story on a local clean tech start-up, Nuvve, who alongside the University of California San Diego, will deploy a “Vehicle to Grid” pilot project. The project will use parked electric vehicles (EVs) as a collective energy storage reservoir. Essentially, this pilot will test new charging technology, which can draw electricity from EVs plugged into charging stations and feed that energy back into the grid when it’s needed. This kind of bi-directional EV charging technology can help maintain grid stability by balancing demand and supply in real time. We are providing technical services and resources to help implement Nuvve's technology on the UC San Diego campus. 

Check out “See How This Clean Tech Start Up Plans to Turn Electric Vehicles into Virtual Power Plants” for the full story on how San Diego is becoming the real world testing bed for clean energy innovation.